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A veteran AAA game development team - With 230 years collective experience working on over 130 published titles!

We've worked on some of the world's largest IPs including: Star Wars, Zelda, Transformers, Far Cry, Ryse, Darksiders, The Darkness, LA Noire, Bioshock, Marvel Avengers, Test Drive Unlimited, Lotus Challenge, Automobilista, Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing, Warhammer, Syndicate Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Hellboy, Viva Pinata, El Tigre, Nicktoons, Happy Feet, Looney Tunes, Woody Woodpecker, South Park, Katamari, The Sims and The Movies.

And we've worked with some of the world's biggest publishers and IP owners: Activision, Lucas Arts, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Rockstar, Take 2 Interactive, Atari, Hasbro, Warner Bros, Acclaim, Infogrammes, Sega, Midway, Nickelodeon, Eidos, Virgin Interactive, Vivendi, THQ, Sierra, Microsoft, Sony, Dark Horse Comics, Konami and Namco.

Blockchain Game Development Experience:

They are the team behind one of the most advanced integrations of blockchain technology in a game, ‘22 Racing Series’.

Unbox random/verifiable/transparent vehicle part packs and partner vehicles - Build your vehicle out of 25+ NFT vehicle parts - Take your NFT vehicle into a cross platform Steam / Pavillion Hub tournament - Win crypto and NFTs - Tune vehicles / build tracks & mint them to earn royalties - & More.

Find out more at: 22 Racing Series - RTS Racing

The developers behind the most advanced blockchain gaming platform on the market, ‘Pavillion Hub’.

Easy account creation - On-demand NFT minting - On-board using credit card, bank account or crypto - Buy NFT game licenses / NFT game items - Win NFT game achievements - Trade with gas-less transactions - Compete in prized leaderboards - Launch your game with and ICO and/or INO - & More

They developed the platform, the tools for 3rd party developers, and did the blockchain integration for all but one of the games on the platform.

Find out more at: Pavillion Hub - Blockchain Gaming Platform

Meet the Team

Garth Midgley - Managing Director / Creative Director

Garth Midgley
Linkedin Profile
Telegram @GarthMidgley

25 years game development experience and 20 published titles. He has also worked with some of the world’s largest IPs, studios and publishers, including Atari, Lucas Arts, Ubisoft, Hasbro, Activision, Rockstar, Take 2 Interactive, Vigil Games, Konami, Warner Bros, Acclaim, Infogrammes and Nintendo.

Brooke Hodgman - CTO (Engine and blockchain developer)

Brooke Hodgman
Linkedin Profile

18 years game development experience and 7 published titles. He is the lead developer of RevGen - The engine used for '22 Racing Series' and the award winning 'My Drive Schoool, and Pavillion Hub. He has also worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Lucas Arts, Microsoft and Boeing.

Adrian Moore - Lead designer

Adrian Moore
Linkedin Profile

29 years game development experience and 25 published titles. He has worked with some of the world’s largest IPs and publishers, including as the lead designer and producer on ‘The Movies’ IP with Peter Molyneux.
He was a Co-founder of Loveshack Entertainment, creators of the award winning ‘Framed’ IP.

“Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series stated that Framed was his Game of the Year.”

Chris Williams - Art Director / Lead UX designer

Chris Williams
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30 years game development experience and 35 published titles. He has also worked with some of the world’s largest IPs and publishers, including Sega, Midway, Nintendo, Eidos, Virgin Interactive, Vivendi, THQ, Atari, Sierra, Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Konami and Namco.

Paul Baker - Lead programmer

Paul Baker
Linkedin Profile

20 years game development experience and 8 published titles.
Experience working with top tier IPs and publishers including Marvel, THQ and Nickelodean.

James Hicks - Back end programmer

James Hicks
Linkedin Profile

20 years backend development experience working with national telecommunications companies and national government departments, including 7 years game development experience using Unity.

Gerardo Ibarra - Concept Artist

Gerardo Ibarra
Linkedin Profile

36 years experience in 2d illustration, 2d animation and graphic design. A prolific artist with a diverse illustrative background including print, film, TVC and video games.

Ian Bright - Technical artist / animator

Ian Bright
Linkedin Profile

22 years game development experience and 18 published game titles and a number of TVC releases. He has worked with global IPs including Bioshock, Star Wars, Zelda, Marvel Avengers, Transformers, LA Noire, Darksiders 2 and Armello, and a number of animated children’s TV series.

Gavin Youl - Lead 3d modeller

Gavin Youl
No Linkedin profile.

27 years game development and fine art experience, 6 published game titles and 8 gallery exhibitions. He has worked with AAA publishers including Lucas Arts, Activision and Sony.

Francesco Calvi - Character animator

Francesco Calvi
Linkedin Profile

9 years game development experience and 5 published titles. He is an avid game developer, and an avid participant in crypto and blockchain projects.

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